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What is Durational Alimony?

man thinkingThe state of Florida officially recognizes six different types of alimony, awarded based on specific factors such as the length of the marriage, the needs of one party, and the ability to pay of the other, and the responsibilities of each party when it comes to any children they share. Durational alimony was introduced in 2010 as a way to cover situations where a permanent periodic alimony would not fit the needs of the divorce case.

What is Durational Alimony?

Durational alimony in Florida is spousal support awarded for short term to moderate term marriages for a set period of time following the divorce. This is paid out similarly to permanent period alimony, but instead of being paid out until one spouse dies or remarries, durational alimony is restricted to a specific time frame.

What Constitutes a Short or Moderate Term Marriage?

In determining what type and how much alimony is awarded, the length of the marriage is an important factor. Short term marriages are unions lasting less than seven years, while moderate duration marriages last between seven and seventeen years. As long as your marriage lasted less than seventeen years, and you meet the other criteria for spousal support, you are eligible to receive durational alimony.

How Long Does Durational Alimony Last?

The length of time that durational alimony is paid depends on variety of factors like the needs of the recipient spouse, and the ability of the other spouse to pay. The court will also consider the cost of caring for any minor children that the two parties share. The only limitation for length of time in a durational alimony case is that the payment period cannot be longer than the duration of the marriage.

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