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Tag Archives: Case Management Conference

What happens during a Case Management Conference?

Few hearings confuse folks involved in a Tampa family law case the elusive case management conference.  As a Tampa family law attorney, I am asked more often about what is going to happen during a case management conference than any other hearing.  I believe much of the confusion is derived by the name of the […]

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I got served with a Petition for Divorce, what do I do now?

Being served with a Petition for Divorce is a frustrating and trying experience.  As a Tampa divorce attorney, I have encountered hundreds of folks in this exact situation.  Like all situation, the best thing you can do is to develop a plan and considering the entire situation.   Given our experiences with divorces, we recommend the […]

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How Long Does It Take to Complete a Divorce?

Many folks wonder how long it is going to take to complete a divorce in the Tampa Bay Area.  This is obviously a popular question for Tampa family law attorneys.  Obviously, many people desire to quickly resolve their divorce and move on with their lives.  Family law attorneys can certainly understand their desire for finality […]

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FAQ: What is the Divorce Process?

Thinking about divorce but don’t know where to begin? Spouse has filed a divorce against you and you don’t know what to do? A divorce is known as a “dissolution of marriage.”  A dissolution of marriage may be granted in Florida if: the marriage is irretrievably broken or mental incapacity of one of the spouses […]

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