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Tag Archives: Domestic Violence

How does a domestic violence injunction affect my Tampa family law case?

Tampa family law attorneys are constantly asked about the interplay between domestic violence injunctions and family law matters because recently they seem to always be one and the same.  For example, it appears that in nearly every Tampa divorce our firm is handling, a domestic violence injunction is either considered or filed by either of […]

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Violencia Doméstica Abagados

Nuestros abogados de violencia doméstica con oficinas en Tampa, señalan la diferencia entre tipos de agresión doméstica. La agresión doméstica sucede cuando la presunta víctima tiene algún vínculo familiar o de otro tipo con el acusado. La gran mayoría de los circuitos judiciales de la Florida contienen tribunales y fiscales asignados específicamente para procesar casos […]

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What are the unique factors of a domestic battery arrest?

Unfortunately, domestic battery is certainly on the rise in the Tampa Bay area. If you ask local assistant state attorneys and/or victim advocates, a number of factors are contributing to this, but that’s a discussion for a different day in a different location. Domestic violence charges are noteworthy for several reasons and they provide specific […]

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