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Tag Archives: Drug DUI

What to look for in a DUI attorneys Tampa?

Anyone who’s done any sort of research regarding the selection of a Tampa DUI attorney is well aware that there are literally hundreds of choices, but the real question is which one is the right one for you in your particular case. As we discussed throughout our Tampa DUI blog, every DUI case is different, […]

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How can the State Attorney’s Office use the DUI urine test during my DUI trial?

As a Tampa DUI attorney, I am often asked about the role of a DUI urine test during the investigation and prosecution of a DUI trial. As we’ve discussed elsewhere in our blog – implied consent and Florida law provide for three approved chemical tests to determine the presence of alcohol and/or any other substances, […]

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Upcoming DUI Checkpoints in Tampa, FL for June 2014

With summer finally coming along, DUI enforcement teams are certainly going to step up their patrols in our area. Tampa DUI Attorneys are often asked about the specifics of DUI checkpoints. These checkpoints lead to many DUI arrests throughout the greater Tampa Bay Area. Florida has very severe penalties for those convicted of DUI, Florida […]

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How Did They Arrest Me for DUI, I have a valid prescription?

This is an unfortunately a situation playing out on the streets and roads of Hillsborough and Pinellas County every day. Countless drivers from St. Petersburg to Clearwater to Tampa have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence despite consuming no alcohol and only taking their prescriptions, as dictated by a medical doctor. Drivers […]

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