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Tag Archives: Expunging

Can I expunge a DUI arrest/conviction?

Many folks wonder whether they can expunge a DUI, this is one of the more common questions posed to Tampa DUI attorneys. In short, if you are convicted of a DUI in Florida, you are unable to expunge or seal such an arrest. As we further discuss in our Tampa criminal defense blog, the requirements […]

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Tampa Sealing Attorneys: What does sealing a criminal charge mean?

Tampa Sealing Attorneys are often asked about the differences between sealing and expunging a criminal charge in Florida.  Sealing a criminal charge provides less privacy and protections than expungement, but still protects individual’s one-time criminal charges from gathering further public attention. Sealing a charge results in the criminal file still being kept by the Clerk of […]

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Tampa Expungement Attorney: What all does expungement entail?

Tampa expungement attorneys are often asked about the specifics of expungement primarily because of folks’ interest in ensuring no one will ever find out about their prior criminal record.   Expunging a charge in Florida is governed by Florida Statute Section 943.0585.  Our firm routinely handles these services for folks throughout the entire State.  Our Tampa […]

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Expungement of Criminal Records – How do I get my record expunged?

I want an Expungement of my Criminal Record, What Should I do?  Expungements are important because they clear records assisting folks in seeking employment, passing background checks, developing and maintaining future relationships and other activities of that nature. The Clearwater expungement attorneys of Hackworth Law are experienced in providing expungement services to our clients. Additionally, we […]

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