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Tag Archives: Florida

Florida DOC: 2 Florida Murderers Walk Out of a Florida Prison…

Unfortunately, the Florida DOC or Department of Corrections made recent national news again for the wrong reason.  News sources throughout the country broke a story late last week that Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker literally walked out the front door of a Florida State Prison, supervised by the Florida Department of Corrections.  It was later […]

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Tampa Violent Crimes Attorney – Another day, another weird crime story out of Florida…

Our Tampa Violent Crimes Attorney discuss one of the latest Stand Your Ground cases in Florida.  About three weeks ago, the nation again focused the spotlight on the Sunshine State, concerning another chilling criminal case.  Unlike the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman matter, this case appears certainly cut and dry.  This case coming out of […]

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What exactly happened at the George Zimmerman trial today?

On April 30, 2013, there was another hearing in the criminal case involving George Zimmerman. By way of background, Zimmerman is accused of murdering Trayvon Martin. As you will likely remember, Zimmerman initially relied on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” hearing to justify and explain his shooting of Martin. Ultimately, there has been much speculation and […]

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Florida’s Stand Your Ground Statute

Florida’s Stand Your Ground Statute Few cases have captivated the Tampa area as the case of State of Florida v. Trevor Dooley, this case quickly gained fame because of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Statute. In light of the shooting involving George Zimmerman and Trevon Martin, the national media quickly focused its spotlight to include the […]

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