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Tag Archives: Marital Settlement Agreement

Wesley Chapel Divorce Attorney: Who pays for mediation in my Tampa family law case?

Who pays for mediation is generally one of the last issues to arise prior to the completion of mediation.  Wesley Chapel Divorce Attorneys are often asked about the cost of mediation in their family law case.  As we’ve discussed elsewhere on our family law blog, mediation is required in the overwhelming majority of family law cases […]

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Why do we have to mediate our Tampa family law case?

Tampa divorce attorneys are constantly asked by their clients why it’s necessary to mediate and pay a mediator, when they know that they will not agree on anything. In short, the temporary standing order from the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, which we discussed extensively elsewhere on our Tampa divorce attorney blog, requires parties to do so. […]

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What are the differences between a contested and uncontested divorce?

Tampa Divorce Attorneys are constantly asked about the differences between these two phrases because nearly every Tampa Divorce Attorney mentions these phrases prominently in their blog and folks doing research will inevitably see the phrase used over and over.  In short, the primary difference is that in a contested divorce, the parties are unable to […]

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Can We Just Agree to No Child Support?

Tampa child support attorneys are often asked as to whether the father and mother of a child can agree that no child support is to be paid between the parties.   Simply put, this is generally not possible in Florida.   Florida law has recognized child support being a right and privilege belonging to a child rather […]

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