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Tag Archives: Restitution

Will my insurance help with the restitution in criminal case involving a car accident?

Restitution in criminal cases often involves questions as to whether one’s insurance will assist them in paying the money back.  Tampa defense attorneys are constantly asked about restitution because restitution is often one of the more significant financial obligations an individual is responsible for after a conviction in their criminal matter.  Florida Statute Section 775.089 […]

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What are the penalties associated with petty theft?

Petty theft is one of the most common charges filed in the Tampa Bay area against individuals. Unfortunately, with the economic downturn, more individuals have seemingly found themselves being accused of petty theft. Further, more often than not, petty theft involves individuals who have never been accused of any other prior crimes and simply made […]

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What is restitution in a criminal case?

Tampa criminal lawyers are often asked about why individuals are forced to pay restitution in their Florida criminal case.   In short, Florida law has authorized State Attorney’s Offices to seek restitution in an attempt to make the victims of crime “whole” again after the incident.  Restitution raises a whole host of issues though, that an […]

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