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Tag Archives: Seizure of Property

Tampa Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys: What is a wiretap?

Wiretaps are essentially recording equipment which record all phone calls made to/from a certain phone number. As you can imagine, these matters are highly contested in Florida, both at a Federal Court and State Court level. Wiretaps are commonly used in major criminal enterprises, often associated with RICO investigations. These RICO investigations and prosecutions can […]

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West Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney: What is a Terry stop?

Terry stops are often a point of discussion for West Tampa criminal defense attorneys because many individuals are arrested relating to them, and they have many questions in light of the intrusion of law enforcement in a normal day. These sort of stops arise from a United States Supreme Court decision, titled, Terry vs. Ohio. […]

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Wesley Chappel Criminal Defense Attorneys: What is a pretextual stop?

Wesley Chappel criminal defense attorneys are often asked about a pretextual stop, since this topic is so discussed on the news and the multitude of criminal justice shows on cable TV. In short, a pretextual stop is essentially where law enforcement officers stop an individual for a minor infraction, based on the law enforcement officers […]

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Gibsonton Criminal Defense Attorneys: Why did the police impound my car after my arrest?

Many Gibsonton Criminal Defense Attorneys are often asked by their clients, after they have bonded out of jail, about their vehicle being impounded and towed.  Generally, yes, is the most complete response as to whether their vehicle has been towed and impounded.  In very few situations, law enforcement cannot tow the vehicle, like someone being […]

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