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Search Results for: violation of probation

Which Judge will handle my violation of probation?

Our Clearwater VOP Attorneys are often asked by our Clients, which judge will be handling their violation of probation case regardless of whether it is a felony or misdemeanor.   All counties have their own arrangements for the handling of VOPs/violations of probation because of the sheer number of the cases in the system.  Prior to […]

How quick can we get before a judge on my Tampa violation of probation?

Tampa violation of probation attorneys are constantly asked about violations of probation, and even more importantly, how quickly folks can get out of jail due to the no-bond status associated with a felony violation of probation. As we’ve discussed elsewhere on our Tampa violation of probation attorney blog, technical violations of probation in Tampa are […]

Can I get a violation of probation for only financial matters?

In short, yes. Tampa violation of probation attorneys are often asked about whether misdemeanor or felony probation can be violated solely for a probationer failing to meet their financial obligations, like paying the cost of supervision, court costs, fines, restitution, etc. Yes, one’s probation can be violated simply for failing to pay for things associated […]

Am I entitled to a bond on a Violation of Probation or VOP?

Folks charged with violations of probation are constantly wondering if they will be able to get a bond on a violation of probation or VOP.  Tampa criminal defense attorneys are often asked about in bond issues generally, but more often than not these issues focus on whether someone being charged with a VOP can get […]

What is a Tampa Violation of Probation (VOP) Charge?

Tampa violation of probation attorneys are often asked about what a VOP or Violation of Probation means.  Unfortunately, violation of Probation charges occur as often as folks being placed on probation. A violation of probation occurs when someone on probation either receives a technical or substantive violation. A technical violation occurs when someone violates one of the […]

Am I entitled to a bond on a violation of probation?

Many folks accused of a violation of probation, have one very simple issue on their mind – getting a bond on a violation of probation.  As we’ve discussed elsewhere in our blog on bhtampa.com, in Florida, those accused of a criminal offense are entitled to a reasonable bond.  As we’ve discussed, authorities and most importantly, […]

What is a Violation of Probation (VOP)?

The State Dropped My Criminal Charge, Can I Be Charged with Violation of Probation? What is a Violation of Probation (VOP)? This is arguably the most common question posed to the violation of probation attorneys of Hackworth Law. The scenario generally proceeds as follows: An individual is placed on probation and charged with a new […]

Your Legal Options After an Alleged Probation Violation

Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can result in allegations of probation violations, and such an accusation can create a world of headaches, stress and troubles for people trying to resolve prior criminal cases and get their life back on track. Because the consequences of an alleged violation can have significant […]

Sex Offender Probation in Tampa, FL

What Is Sex Offender Probation?

When someone is charged with sexually violent offenses, the prosecutor might make an offer that involves no prison time, called sex offender probation. While this plea deal might seem like a good idea at first, it is always wise to discuss any offers with an attorney to ensure that you are making the most intelligent […]