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Can Your Alimony Be Increased?

When alimony payments are decided, the goal is to provide adequate support to the recipient as they work to become financially independent. However, the amount initially agreed upon may turn out to be insufficient. You should speak with a family law attorney in Tampa if any of the following apply to your circumstances:

  • Your Income Decreases or Your Lose Financial Assets
  • Your Ability to Earn Income Decreases
  • Your Justified Expenses Have Increased
  • Your Financial Condition Has Not Improved
  • The Original Award Was Inadequate

By consulting with an experienced family law lawyer, you can determine whether your situation may merit an alimony increase and how to move forward. Judges are typically reluctant to change prior decisions, so it’s crucial to work with an attorney who has a good reputation and is committed to representing your case to their best ability.

The burden of proving that your situation merits an alimony increase will be on you and your legal team. It’s important to note that the change in your financial circumstances must be sufficient enough to warrant a modification, and your ex must have the ability to pay. Request a consultation with a local family law lawyer to find out whether you have a case worth pursuing.