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Circumstances for Reducing Alimony Payments

The idea behind alimony is simple: if one spouse sacrificed their earning potential to benefit the other during marriage, then after marriage they should be compensated for it to maintain a similar lifestyle. Calculating alimony can be a stressful part of divorce proceedings, and the financial burden may weigh on you for years after the separation is finalized. However, the amount you pay isn’t set in stone forever. By working with a family attorney in Tampa, you may be able to reduce – or even stop – your payments.

The following are some examples of reasons why you may be granted an alimony reduction:

  • You’ve Lost Your Job, or Your Income Has Decreased
  • Your Ex Makes More Money Now
  • Your Ex Remarries or Cohabitates with a New Partner
  • You Need to Retire
  • You’ve Become Disabled
  • You’ve Been Incarcerated
  • Your Ex’s Living Expenses Have Decreased
  • Changes in Tax Laws

As you can see, the general idea is that either your financial situation has changed or your ex’s situation has changed. Talk to a qualified family lawyer if you believe your circumstances call for a reduction. They’ll help you determine whether you have a case worth pursuing and represent you throughout the proceedings. Since judges are often resistant to altering alimony, it’s important to choose a family lawyer with a track record of success.