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What are the chances of my probation being reinstated?

Tampa attorneys are very often asked about whether someone charged with a violation of probation what the chances of their probation being reinstated.  Having represented literally thousands of folks charged with different violations of probation, a whole host of factors are taken into account in determining what the likely outcome of a violation of probation.  For more information regarding Felony probation, we recommend checking out the Florida Department of Correction website, as they are responsible for supervising probationers.  We have outlined a few of them below to consider the chances of one’s probation being reinstated.

First, the recommendation of the probation office plays a major part in all counties in the Tampa Bay Area, especially Polk County.  Many times, Assistant State Attorneys in Polk County will not make an offer to resolve the matter without first consulting with the probation officer to consider their recommendation.  Hillsborough County Judges are not necessarily as reliant on probation officer’s recommendation, while Pinellas County Judges vary from courtroom to courtroom.  This is just another reason it is important to keep a positive relationship with one’s probation officer during one’s time on probation.  Additionally, it goes without saying a probation officer will be less likely to violate someone, they have a positive relationship with.   It is critical that your Tampa violation of probation attorney contacts your probation officer early in the process to determine their recommendation to discuss whether they have an issue with an individual’s probation being reinstated.

Secondly, the State Attorney’s Office and the Court will certainly consider the nature of the violation.  Generally, substantive or new law violations are looked at much more severely than technical violations.   As you will recall, technical violations are simply violations of a condition of one’s probation.  It is important that your Tampa violation of probation attorney ensure any sentences be run concurrent between the violation of probation and the new substantive charge.

Lastly, someone’s progress on probation will also be considered.  Obviously, someone who was just put on probation is more likely to receive a more severe sentence than someone, who has completed many conditions of probation.  This is another reason to aggressively and quickly complete the terms of probation rather than waiting until the end of the probationary term.  Many Tampa violation of probation attorneys will suggest their clients, if they are out of jail, complete as many of the terms of probation as possible, while waiting to resolve their case.

If you or someone you know has questions concerning their violation of probation and/or their chances of their probation being reinstated, contact the Tampa violation of probation attorneys at Hackworth Law for a free case review.  We have handled thousands of violation of probation matters throughout the Tampa Bay Area.  If you want to contact our Tampa Bay violation of probation attorney immediately, please use the “contact us now” tab in the upper right hand corner of our website.  We appreciate your time and attention in this matter.