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Property Insurance Attorneys:insurance company wont pay me enough…

Our Property Insurance Attorneys have handled property damage claims throughout the state relating to fire, water and sinkhole damages.  Unfortunately, this phrase is being repeated more and more by Florida policyholders across our state. Out of state companies backed by out of state lobbyists have swept into Florida and created insurance companies, like Cypress Property Insurance Company, Southern Oak Insurance Company, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company and Peoples’ Trust Insurance Company. Worse yet, Citizens Property Insurance Company is in the news everyday talking about selling off more policies of Floridians, like they are all numbers or nuisance, but what they forget is behind every policy is a house, a home and a family. Hackworth Law understands that you aren’t a policy or claim number and that’s why when you call our office for a free consultation. I personally promise you two things. First, unlike your insurance company we will not ask you first for your policy or claim number. We will ask for your name. Secondly, you will speak to an attorney, not an assistant, claims manager, secretary or paralegal.

Despite cozy names and years of taking your premiums, when it comes time to pay your claim, they simply will not pay your claim or pay enough to actually and properly fix your house. Or worse yet, they have taken months to deny your clam while you have had busted pipes, damaged kitchens and the potential of mold developing.

I was trained by your insurance company to fight claims just like your claim. After seeing the frustrations of Florida policy holders, I couldn’t handle it anymore that’s why I joined Jeff to begin Hackworth Law. Our team offers a unique perspective regarding the handling of suits against insurance companies beginning with the examination under oath all the way up trial. We have experience in handling water damage claims, fire damage claims, theft claims and sinkhole claims for policyholders across this state.

We offer free consultations to policyholders, just like you. Remember we stand with you against your insurance companies, who took your premiums but won’t take responsibility. We aren’t backed by special interest or Tallahassee, we are backed by people like you and that’s why we stand with you.

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