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Did Florida eliminate permanent alimony?

Few bills in Tallahassee get Tampa Divorce Attorneys’ attention like bills regulating alimony and more recently, bills purporting to eliminate it being permanent in some unique situations.   As we have discussed elsewhere on our Tampa alimony attorney blog, there are many forms of alimony available in Florida.   Arguably, the most controversial is durational alimony, where it is involves it being paid permanently.   For example, this is just one of many news articles regarding durational permanent alimony.

Permanent Alimony actually occur in somewhat rare situations, but most commonly the parties have Alimony Tampa Lawyerbeen married for an extremely long period of time, generally one of the parties is extremely old and unable to seek work that would maintain or support their standard of living.  Unfortunately, these cases are also some of the most difficult to deal with because of the significant risk for the parties involved because they face either a lifetime of paying alimony to someone or the future prospect of being totally unable to pay their bills and support themselves.

As we highlighted above, these cases are relatively rare, but require special concern and experience because of the significant risk to both parties.  Our Family Law Attorneys have significant experience dealing with alimony issues, including those relating to permanent or long term alimony.   Given the nature of these claims, they are also often rarely able to resolve at mediation because of the risks to the parties.

If you or someone you know have questions concerning alimony or permanent alimony, do not hesitate to contact our Office.   We will work with you to quickly develop an aggressive strategy to get what you deserve and protect your rights.   We offer three ways to immediately contact our Tampa Family Law Attorneys.  First, you can use the “contact us now” tab in the upper right hand corner of our window.  Secondly, we have a secure, free chat box in the lower right hand corner, where you will be able to directly contact one of our attorneys, rather than a paralegal, secretary or case manager.  Lastly, we have trained staff working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls and connect you with one of our attorneys.   We look forward to working with you and protecting your rights and interests.