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Tampa Divorce Attorney: Florida Records First ‘Divorce Selfie’ – Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight

Florida might have the distinction of being the first state where two former spouses took a “divorce selfie.”  Our Tampa Divorce Attorneys discuss this important moment in divorce history.

When Florida couple Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight finalized their divorce, they snapped a photo of themselves smiling and holding some official paperwork. “We’re officially un-married,” Knight said in the caption.

To some, this might seem strange, but not terribly shocking given the current trend of folks taking selfies at odd times. As a Tampa divorce attorney, though, I see another angle to this story.

Hinson and Knight took this selfie because they wanted to commemorate their divorce the same way they commemorated their marriage. In an interview with a Florida newspaper, Knight said the couple is smiling not because they were getting divorced, but because they had been married. Knight described their separation as “the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable.”

To me, this is evidence that not all divorces are lengthy, drawn-out affairs. Sometimes, people decide that the best thing for their marriage is to end it. There can be an instigating factor, or no real factor at all other than a feeling that the two of you aren’t the best partners for one another. Divorce is a big step and one that should be considered fully, but it isn’t necessarily something to be afraid of.

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