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Can Permanent Alimony Ever Stop Years After a Couple Divorces?

Tampa Alimony AttorneyAlimony is not just a general cut and dry topic when it comes to how much someone may get after a divorce, or even for how long they may get that compensation. Here at Blumenauer | Hackworth Law Firm, we see many different alimony situations where a divorced spouse gives only temporarily so the fellow spouse can land on their feet financially. Other times, it’s for rehabilitative reasons, or through a lump sum system.

Permanent alimony is the most common, however, but the word “permanent” doesn’t necessarily have to apply here in Florida. When a relationship status changes to the recipient, the idea that alimony has to be a lifelong process goes out the window.

The Times When Permanent Alimony Would Stop

Many divorced couples have alimony payments for years before something happens that might require a modification. When modifications occur, it means that something has changed in either spouse’s life that requires the court to consider the provider to pay more or less, or even stop paying alimony forever.

Generally, if the recipient of the alimony finds him or herself in a new, supportive relationship, alimony can stop being paid out. There has to be an assurance that the spouse is gaining financial support, or even has income on their own. The whole point of alimony in the first place is to help a spouse who couldn’t support themselves financially alone.

The good news about any alimony paid out beforehand is that it’s tax deductible. For the recipient, it’s considered income, so they’ll be taxed. In some ways, this helps equalize things in the spouse who shudders at the idea of paying out alimony.

Of course, if the recipient dies, the alimony payments automatically stop since it doesn’t go to heirs.

Contact us here at Blumenauer | Hackworth Law Firm if you’ve filed for divorce and expect to be dealing with paying out alimony. We’ll help you through the process and give you an analysis of what you might expect down the road. With new relationships usually inevitable, it’s possible you won’t have to pay alimony for the rest of your spouse’s lifetime as it’s usually perceived.