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What is a Dual Diagnosis?

The term Dual Diagnosis refers to individuals who experience co-occurring mental health problems and substance abuse problems. This introduces increased complexity into a person’s life, and treatment for dual diagnoses is far more difficult than simply addressing each separate disorder. The interactions between one’s mental health and physical addiction exacerbate the presentation of each disorder, and the manner in which the individual deals with their symptoms can cause further stress in addition to health issues and legal problems.

It requires specialized knowledge and a history of successfully working with individuals suffering from a dual diagnosis to be able to reliably defend clients with this type of problem. This situation is more common than most people realize, and even those who work for individuals with mental health or addiction related disorders may not be fully aware of just how frequently these two types of conditions occur together.

Contact Hackworth Law if You are Dealing with Dual Diagnosis

Both substance abuse and mental illness are chronic, relapsing illnesses that need treatment. If you have a substance abuse problem and also a serious mental illness, contact an attorney like Hackworth Law about the availability of dual diagnosis treatment programs in your community.

Some clients would rather accept a plea bargain agreement for jail time than wait to get into substance abuse or dual diagnosis treatment. Ultimately, the client makes the decision about whether to get treatment, but you should speak candidly with your lawyer. In any case, dealing with a dual diagnosis means you’re probably not going to make it on probation. Violating probation due to a failed drug test could put a person in prison. With the right treatment program and counsel Hackworth Law can help you avoid that. Talk to your lawyer about doing what is best for you over the long term rather than the short term.

Hackworth Law recognizes the need for a concentrated effort for those suffering from a dual diagnosis. When mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress, or other emotional or psychiatric problems co-occur with substance abuse, both need to be diagnosed and then treated together in order to achieve the best possible outcome. All too often, the legal system simply treats people like sheets of paper to be filed instead of recognizing them as human beings. At Hackworth Law we take pride in our ability to see beyond the black letter of the law and address real issues in high definition.