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Tag Archives: Criminal Procedure

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

The term Dual Diagnosis refers to individuals who experience co-occurring mental health problems and substance abuse problems. This introduces increased complexity into a person’s life, and treatment for dual diagnoses is far more difficult than simply addressing each separate disorder. The interactions between one’s mental health and physical addiction exacerbate the presentation of each disorder, […]

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Plant City Criminal Lawyers: What is standby counsel?

One of the inherent rights provided defendants in the American criminal justice system is the right to represent oneself in a criminal proceeding.  While many folks choose to retain a Plant City Criminal Lawyers, many folks simply choose not to for a variety of reasons.  Obviously, one is in a much better situation, if they […]

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Dade City Criminal Defense Attorneys: Will I get a bond?

Dade City Criminal Defense Attorneys are constantly being asked this by their client during their initial arrest or prior to turning themselves on a warrant to the county jail. In short, yes, individuals in the State of Florida enjoy, unlike many other states, a constitutional right to bond except in two unique situations. We will […]

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Tampa Criminal Attorneys – What is a motion to withdraw plea?

Tampa criminal attorneys are often asked by folks about withdrawing their previously entered guilty plea after their case is resolved, often once they have either been sentenced to their prison/jail sentence or have begun probation.  While discussing withdrawing a plea is easy, it is incredibly difficult to actually do so and the risks are significant, […]

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