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Working with Your Tampa Divorce Attorney on Modification of Divorce Agreements

Working with a Tampa divorce attorney doesn’t necessarily end once final agreements are done in the divorce process. Sometimes modifications need to be done possibly months or even years down the line. If we helped you with your initial divorce here at Hackworth Law Firm, we plan to be around to help you again if the time ever comes where modifications are necessary. While not mandatory, it helps to work with your prior attorney for easier access to records of what happened before.

In this scenario, stress can sometimes manifest once again, because either spouse requesting modifications may mean more prolonged litigation. But it can’t be done without certain provisions. What scenario exists that determines whether modifications can be done at all? And what things might be modified due to certain circumstances?

The Financial Rules and Other Modifications to Divorce Agreements

For child custody modifications, either spouse has to have had a decrease or increase of at least $50 in their income before any changes can be made. While that might not sound like a lot, it can make a significant difference in whether the spouse paying child support can pay it in full.

When raising a child, having $50 removed from what was agreed to can affect a lot of things in the child’s welfare. Especially if you have a limited income yourself and depend on the child support to pay bills, modifications have to be taken on immediately. You or your other spouse need to file a request with the court, and we can help you through the next steps.

The same goes for modifications to alimony where the court will make the final decision based on unemployment issues, or based on the prospects of a spouse getting a new job. In some cases, alimony may involve time payments in order to work out a compromise.

As for child custody, Divorce Agreement changes aren’t usually done on which parent the child would live with most often. The only exceptions would be if you discovered your former spouse is being abusive to your child. With proper evidence, this can result in the court changing things for the welfare of your children.

Contact us here at Hackworth Law Firm if you want to file a modification request. If your initial divorce was through us, we’ll be glad to help again and bring on a new peaceful resolution we hope will last for the rest of your lives.