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What is the Standing Temporary Order for Family Law Cases in Tampa Family Law Matters?

Many Tampa family law attorneys are asked about the meaning and importance of the Standing Temporary Order for Family Law Cases, which is issued in the beginning of your Tampa family law case.  The easiest way to think of the Standing Order is that it essentially provides the guidelines or basic rules of what to do and not to do during your Tampa Family Law case.   For your convenience, we provided a link to the Standing Order, here.  Arguably, the three most often discussion portions of this order concerning time sharing, financial issues related to the spouses during divorce and insurance.

First and foremost, the Order requires the party work together for the best interest of the child.  It also specifically notes that a party restricting access to a child without a “good reason” does so at their own peril.   “Good reason” will almost certainly involve issues with domestic violence, sexual violence, etc.  It is certainly not going to include issues concerning allegations of infidelity, jealousy or other petty matters that unfortunately develop during many divorces.  This provision of the Order often comes in Tampa family law matters, where one party sees the other party unfit for a wide variety of different issues.

Secondly, the Order provides that parties must not intentionally dissipate marital property.  In simpler terms, it means that parties cannot simply let marital assets go to waste, like not paying mortgages or loans, selling marital property or spending large amounts of money on their new paramour.  Unfortunately, many Tampa family law cases include issues, where parties spend a tremendous amount of money on their new boyfriend/girlfriend at the potential detriment of their children and their claims for compensation during the divorce itself.  As you can imagine, Judges are not very understanding or appreciative of these sorts of actions.

Lastly, the Order provides guidance to ensure parties continue current insurance coverage.  As you can imagine, the Court is solely intended in ensuring the parties suffer minimum interruptions in their life.  Additionally, the Court is concerned that if a party lacks insurance, they will suffer more significant medical bills resulting in additional debt during a divorce, which is already very economically stressful.  It is also intended to avoid parties using insurance coverage as leverage to get things during the divorce.

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