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Working with Your Tampa Divorce Attorney to Prove a Marriage is Irretrievably Broken

When you know that your marriage is irretrievably broken, hiring a Tampa divorce attorney is going to be essential because you still need to prove your marriage has fallen apart. However, it’s much easier to prove now than it was before the early 1970s when Florida required more proof so a divorce could be granted. In 1971, a new statute was put into place so there wouldn’t be prolonged cases of proving fault in divorce cases. This helped speed up the process in the courts to eliminate excessively long divorces that could take months to prove in many cases.

Here at Blumenauer | Hackworth Law Firm, we’re here for you to help you through this process, even though it’s easier. This isn’t to say you still don’t have to show one compelling reason for divorcing. And there’s an alternative to this proof that can be proven through medical records if also witness statements.

Proving a Marriage is Irretrievably Broken

Today, you only have to prove one reason to the court for why your marriage is now failing. This could be the result of domestic abuse, or just because you and your husband have decided that you don’t love one another any more. The good news to this is only you can show this proof without excessive worry about your spouse contesting. If you want a divorce, you’re able to primarily get it with evidence that can’t be refuted.

We’ll help provide the evidence necessary. In some cases, though, it might be you’re divorcing your spouse due to mental incapacitation. These scenarios can be complex and tough to go through, though we can help prove your case.

Mental Incapacitation Requirement

If you’ve been living with your spouse and they’ve been suffering from mental handicaps that took away from your marriage, you have to prove it’s been happening for three years before a divorce can be granted. While this might seem like a long time, we can help you compile medical records to present to the court so there isn’t any denial. Your spouse won’t even have to testify in order to prove this case with the proper evidence.

The only way your spouse can possibly contest anything is if they’re still sound of mind and request you both go into marriage counseling. This is always taken seriously by the court, especially if there’s a chance your marriage can be saved.

Contact us here at Blumenauer | Hackworth Law Firm if you feel like your marriage is now beyond repair and you need a divorce. While it can be a very sad time (particularly with mental deterioration in your spouse), we’ll help you through step by step so you both can have peace of mind in the outcome.