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Brandon Divorce Attorneys: I have heard countless stories of nightmare divorces, how can I have a “peaceful” divorce?

Our Brandon Divorce Attorneys have handled very difficult divorce cases, involving high conflict couples and worked with other couples, who were able to quickly resolve their case. Anyone has read any sort of news articles or seen any sort of television interviews concerning divorce law in the last 10 years have heard about the nightmare divorce cases, the length of time these cases take, the amount of attorney’s fees the parties undertake, etc. At Hackworth Law, we encourage our clients to do everything they can to ensure that their rights are protected, while still seeking a “peaceful” divorce resolution. In general, we have three recommendations for those that want to avoid extensive, drawn out litigation.

First, it’s necessary to focus on what you need, not what the other party has done to you. It is absolutely critical when you begin your Tampa divorce to consider what you need to move on. This analysis obviously involves the unique facts and circumstances of your case and your personality, but for most folks, it focuses on some degree of financial security and a degree of time sharing, if minor children are involved. Obviously, this analysis is somewhat easier if minor children are not involved because it narrows the issues to be discussed. Regardless, it’s important to early in your case to determine exactly what you need to get out of the case and what you would consider a successful resolution. Our Brandon Divorce Attorneys will work with you to identify your highest priority items.

Secondly, this is closely related with the first factor, but it’s important for folks to determine what’s the most important issue in the cases for them. Again in cases involving minor children, generally the minor children in time sharing issues are the most important for folks. We encourage people to decide in their first 10 days of their divorce what the most important issue for them is. This permits our Tampa Divorce Attorneys to focus on that one particular issue and ensure that we’re able to win the point, while being prepared to use the other issues in exchange for positive resolution for that one issue during settlement and mediation negotiations. Unfortunately, many individuals in divorces struggle to find just one particular point, but it’s critical for success and mental well being to identify what matters most to folks.

Thirdly and lastly, we encourage people to stick to the priorities you established through your analysis of items one and two in our Tampa Divorce Attorney blog article. This is important because towards the end of your case, if it comes to a mediated or negotiated resolution, many folks get caught up in the tit for tat game of I gave on this issue, so you have to give on this issue. At the end of the day, a divorce attorney should encourage you to look at the global resolution of issues, as opposed to what one or two sentences on your settlement of agreement mean. For example, if you’re able to get the time sharing agreement and schedule you wanted, an individual generally has to be prepared to potentially cede another issue within the divorce. Unfortunately, this is simply the way negotiations and mediation work.

If you have questions concerning your Tampa divorce, contact the Brandon Divorce Attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free case consultation. We’ve handled hundreds of divorce and family law matters throughout the Tampa Bay area and look forward to sitting down with you to determine an effective strategy to ensure your rights are protected. If you’d like to contact one of our Brandon Divorce Attorneys immediately, please use the “Contact Us Now” tab in the upper right hand corner of our website. We appreciate your time in checking out our Tampa Divorce Attorney blog and look forward to working with you.