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Four Reasons Why People Get Divorced

couple facing away from each other on couch“Till death do us part” might be one of the most famous vows is the world and in media, but marriages, in reality, don’t always take things that far. There are several valid reasons to seek help from a divorce lawyer in Tampa, FL, and some of them are more common than others. Here are four of the most prominent reasons why couples seek to separate after the altar:

  1. Adultery — As long as there have been monogamous marriage vows, there have been people who break them. It’s an unfortunate reality that spouses sometimes seek out extramarital affairs, and a breach of trust like that is hard to repair.
  2. Addiction — It’s not always another lover that comes between a once-close couple. Alcoholism, narcotic dependence, and other unmanaged compulsions can spell the end for a marriage if the addict is unwilling to seek help.
  3. Abuse — Whether it’s physical, emotional, or financial, a partner facing abuse has every right to pursue a divorce. In these situations, leaving can save lives and livelihoods.
  4. Personal Differences — Sometimes, “wrong” isn’t the right word to describe either spouse’s behavior. Instead, changes in personality and priorities can simply cause a couple to grow apart. Though many adapt and make things work, others choose to go their own ways and move on to the next stage in their individual lives.

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