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How to Reduce the Psychological Effect of Divorce on Your Kids

family attorney tampa flThere’s no way around it — divorce is hard on everyone, especially when children are involved. Even so, there are ways that you can reduce the psychological impact and do what’s best for your family moving forward. These four actions serve to limit stress and make time for children to effectively navigate a complex, often painful process.

  1. Talk about it. Many parents’ first instinct is to share as little as possible as a way of shielding kids from the reality of divorce. However, being kept in the dark only makes things more frightening and unfamiliar. A gentle, but honest conversation shows them that you care about their perspectives and emotions.
  2. Be understanding. Divorce often comes with an increase in risk-taking and behavioral problems. These issues need to be addressed, but doing so compassionately and acknowledging the stress your children face is a key part of teaching them how to make better choices
  3. Manage adjustments carefully. Too much change is disruptive, especially when a divorce is involved. Try to limit or gradually introduce changes like new schools, rules, and living arrangements where possible.
  4. Work with your former spouse. Though this option isn’t always available, maintaining a cooperative relationship after a divorce can give children stability. Your family attorney in Tampa, FL, can help you work out legal details if custody sharing or visitations are involved.

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