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What to look for in a divorce attorney Tampa?

Anyone who watches TV or drives the roads of Tampa Bay knows that there are thousands of attorneys handling a variety of cases throughout the Tampa Bay area There is a large selection of Tampa Bay Divorce attorneys that can handle your divorce or family law matters; however, we recommend folks consider four qualities when choosing a divorce attorney.

First, you should be comfortable speaking with him/her because you will be sharing very intimate details of your married life and your children’s lives. Unfortunately many divorce cases involve alleged infidelity, child abuse, ect. It is critical to consider whether you feel comfortable talking about the details and facts of the case and being questioned about them. These aren’t easy details to discuss with a stranger obviously.

Secondly, your attorney should be trustworthy because again you will be sharing many details with them during the course of litigation. If you do not trust them then the process will not go as smoothly and successfully as it could because you want to include all facts. Unfortunately, many folks are afraid and nervous to discuss these issues with their attorney causing many issues.

Your attorney needs to have a passion about resolving your case because after all this literally your life and future on the line since it involves your children, home, assets, debts, act. We take pride in litigating all cases with the same level of passion whether it involves no assets or millions of dollars in assets or no children or multiple children because at the end of the day your case matters to you and it matters to us.

The last quality to look for in your divorce attorney is compassion. Family law cases are very emotionally draining. It is important that your attorney is compassionate and empathetic to the emotions you are going through during the case. These cases are always emotional and challenging on the parents and children. If your attorney can’t understand your emotions, how can they adequately represent you? Our unique team of attorneys brings a variety of life experience to the table and will do whatever it takes to help you accomplish your family law goals.

At Hackworth Law we encourage you to meet several attorneys and talk to them before making your selection. Don’t just rely on flashy websites, TV ads, or billboards. Our family law consultations are always free and our unique team of attorneys will work with you to find a solution to your family law case.

If you or someone you know has questions concerning their Tampa divorce, contact the Tampa divorce attorneys of Hackworth Law for a free case consultation.  We have handled hundreds of divorce, involving a wide variety of issues all across the Bay Area, and hundreds of other family law matters including modifications of all aspects of family aw cases. If you would like to contact one of our Tampa divorce attorneys immediately, please use the “contact us now” tab in the upper right hand corner of our website.  We appreciate you taking the time to check out our Tampa divorce attorney blog and look forward to working with yo