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What is a motion to surrender?

Tampa criminal defense attorneys are often asked about motions to surrender in cases where an individual has an outstanding warrant. A motion to surrender involves a Tampa criminal defense attorney filing the motion and immediately setting it for a hearing before the judge presiding over your case. Generally, the accused will appear and essentially turn himself/herself into the court and immediately request a bond. As you can imagine, this is far more efficient and quicker than simply turning yourself into the jail and potentially being held overnight before going to first appearance to get a bond. Anyone that’s familiar with the Tampa criminal justice system knows that generally those with outstanding warrants do not get favorable bond conditions at first appearance court because the presiding judge would prefer you to go to the judge, that issued the warrant, that has more information about your case. Again, a motion to surrender is a far more efficient and faster way to get a bond and get out of jail in the overall majority of situations. It is also far more efficient and quicker than simply waiting to be picked up by law enforcement on the outstanding warrant.  Frankly, this can take weeks and lead to major disruptions to an individual’s life.

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