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Plant City Criminal Defense Attorneys:What is the likely sentence?

This is one of the most common questions posed to Plant City Criminal Defense Attorneys. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to predict the likely sentence on a criminal charge without significant background information. For example, Florida utilizes a criminal score system, which is discussed throughout this website and other Plant City Criminal Defense Attorneys’ websites in the area. This criminal score sheet takes into account several factors, including but not limited to one’s prior criminal history, the specific facts of the case, the level of offense of the cited offense, and other matters concerning the same. Without this information, in Florida it is little more than a guess as to what one can anticipate as to a sentence of a particular case.

It is also important for one to realize that unfortunately likely sentences vary from prosecutor to prosecutor, judge to judge, county to county, etc. For example, some counties in the greater Tampa Bay area are known to be much more harsh and aggressive on alleged criminals. Some counties have particular issues they’re more aggressive on. For example, the Pinellas County has investigators assist the state attorneys that specifically target unlicensed general contracting infidels. As a public defender in Pinellas County, I saw literally tens of these cases coming in a year, where probation and jail routinely offered. As a contrast, we’ve practiced in Hillsborough County and these charges are rarely filed. This is just one of the many examples of how criminal prosecution law enforcement different County to County. We have the necessary experience to provide realistic estimates of sentences from all around Tampa Bay.

As I’ve told countless families, friends and accused over the years, the only way to determine accurate sentence or a potential likely sentence to a charge is to sit down one on one with one of our Plant City Criminal Defense Attorneys, with the facts the case and with realistic expectations as to the resolution of the case to. If you or someone you know has questions concerning the likely sentence they face on a criminal charge, contact the Plant City Criminal Defense Attorneys of Hackworth Law for free case consultation. Will be more than happy to discuss the maximums, the minimums and most importantly the likely sentence faced on the criminal charge.