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Does drug court take a lot of time and effort?

Anyone charge the first-time drug offense in the greater Tampa Bay area has undoubtedly heard of drug court as a potential option to resolve their matter. If they have not heard about from their public defender representing them, they’ve undoubtedly either read about it on the Internet or heard it from someone who has been to the program. Drug court offers first-time offenders the opportunity to have their case totally dropped and their potential addiction to be treated by professionals in a professionally regulated setting. For many first-time offenders, this is truly a chance of a lifetime because the first time they are forced to go through some sort of rehabilitation program with real-world implications and consequences.

It is important to note though that drug court takes a tremendous amount of time and money. For example, many drug court programs require individuals attend near daily Alcoholics Anonymous and/or narcotics anonymous meetings. As one could imagine this is very difficult to do someone likes reliable transportation and/or has a job that requires their tenants to be there every day. Additionally, drug court in Hillsborough County requires individuals to do acupuncture treatment for example. It is difficult for many to understand how acupuncture can relate to their drug problem, but research and experts in the field recommend that acupuncture can control the condition that otherwise could result in the addiction being developed or maintain. This is just one of the examples of the many treatments, programs and requirements of drug court.

The short answer to the above post question is yes, drug court does take a some nifty can amount of time and resources to complete, but the benefits of drug court far outweigh the cost of drug court. The short turn implications of completing drug court with the time, resources and money required far outweigh the negatives of being a convicted felon for a first-time drug offense.

If you or someone you know has questions concerning drug court, contact the drug offense attorneys of Hackworth Law, where consultations are always free. We look forward to working with you in getting you through drug court successfully.