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The Six Different Types of Alimony Available in Florida

durational alimony floridaIf you are going through a divorce in Florida, you may have a few questions about alimony. What is alimony? How much alimony am I eligible to receive/how much will I have to pay? Alimony is the spousal support paid to the less economically well-off spouse to help them stay afloat. How much you can receive or how much you will be asked to pay is determined on a case-by-case basis. In the state of Florida, there are six different types of alimony that are awarded depending on the specifics of your case:

Temporary Alimony – Temporary alimony is solely for keeping household bills paid for the duration of your case.

Bridge the Gap Alimony – This type of alimony is a short-lived form that helps you transition from married to single life. It is similar to temporary in that it is only awarded for a short period.

Lump Sum Alimony – Lump sum alimony is exactly what it sounds like – a pre-agreed upon amount that is paid either all at once or in installments. This type of alimony cannot be modified.

Rehabilitative Alimony – This type of alimony is primarily for unemployed spouse who did not need to work due to the other spouse income. In this case, the spouse receiving alimony must provide the court with a plan for gaining self-sufficiency, whether through education or by obtaining a job.

Durational Alimony – When a court awards durational alimony in Florida, it is because the marriage was too short-term to qualify for permanent periodic alimony. For marriages of short or moderate duration (any marriage lasting less than 17 years), durational alimony assists in the same way that permanent periodic alimony would. The difference here is that the duration of the alimony cannot exceed the length of the marriage.

Permanent Periodic Alimony – Permanent Periodic Alimony is awarded to help the less well-off spouse maintain the lifestyle they lived while married. This alimony is paid until a spouse dies or the recipient of the alimony remarries.

Every divorce case is different, and there are many different factors that affect the type of alimony awarded. Contact our law firm to discuss your options!