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Time-Sharing Tips for Divorced Parents

Once you receive the final judgment in your divorce case, it is time to start observing the guidelines you and your ex-spouse agreed to in your parenting plan. Whether you and your ex-spouse mutually agreed to those terms or you arrived at them through mediation with a family attorney in Tampa, FL, the actual practice of time-sharing can be more difficult than it seems on paper. Younger children may have trouble adjusting to the change. Here are some tips from a family lawyer on how to cope with time-sharing:

  1. Respect the New Coparenting Arrangement – Maintaining a positive attitude toward the other parent in the children’s presence is important for their sense of calmness and security. Additionally, abiding strictly by the terms of the arrangement, besides being a requirement of the court, will help the children adjust to the new routine.
  2. Remain as Supportive and Open as Possible – Encourage your children to voice their fears, anxieties, or frustrations, and stay supportive of them as they adapt to the new arrangement.
  3. Be Firm about Sticking to the Schedule – Children may resist leaving to spend time with the other parent, or they may tell you they’re ready to go ahead of schedule. The period immediately after a divorce is emotional for kids. Reassure them that both parents love them, and they need to spend time with each of them.

If you need advice regarding your divorce order, or you believe it’s time for a parenting plan modification, the family attorney at Hackworth Law, P.A., is here for you.