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Will You be Granted Alimony in Your Divorce?

Under Florida law, the court may order one spouse in cases of divorce to provide financial support to the other. This support is called alimony, and it has several forms. If you need to discuss alimony with a divorce attorney in Tampa, FL, Hackworth Law, P.A. is here to take your call.

The court awards alimony on a needs-basis and takes many factors into consideration. An order to pay alimony may be temporary, rehabilitative (paid until the former spouse completes education or job training), transitional (paid until the former spouse is fully independent), durational (paid temporarily, and not to exceed the length of the marriage), or permanent.

Your divorce lawyer will review the specifics of your case and discuss with you whether your divorce merits alimony. Additionally, your lawyer will go over the above types of alimony in further detail and talk to you about which, if any, best applies to your case. When determining how and if to award alimony, the judge will consider:

  1. The standard of living both parties had during the marriage
  2. What each spouse contributed financially during the marriage
  3. How long the marriage lasted
  4. Marital assets and debts, and how these will be divided among the former spouses
  5. The age of the parties, and whether there are any impairments that may hinder earning an income

For more information, please schedule a consultation with our divorce attorney.