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Types of Probation in the State of Florida

Probation is a common alternative to prison for a variety of cases. This form of punishment works by allowing the defendant to keep most of their freedoms provided they consistently meet strict court-mandated conditions.felony probation Tampa

Felony probation in Tampa will be handled by the circuit court, whereas the county court will handle misdemeanor probation. When being sentenced to probation, there are several types based on the type of crime committed. Below are the five main types of probation a court may order as your punishment for a crime.

Standard probation: During standard probation, you will follow the basic standards and regularly report to your assigned probation officer.

Administrative probation: This is similar to standard probation, but you will not report to or meet with your probation officer.

Drug offender probation: This probation is specifically for drug-related cases, where there is strict adherence to a substance abuse program and randomized drug tests.

Sex offender probation: Those who have been sentenced to this type of probation must participate in a treatment program and will be under the supervision of a surveillance officer.

Community control probation: Community control, or house arrest, is the most restrictive form of probation, as you are under constantly supervised custody.