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Valrico Drug Crimes Attorneys:Can they convict without fingerprints?

This a question often posed to a Valrico Drug Crimes Attorneys regarding cases involving theft, drugs or other possession charges, and weapons. Many individuals tend to think that if the police did their job they will have fingerprints connected to the accused. This question raises about two different issues:

First, Assistant State Attorneys and law enforcement will argue that it is simply economically unfeasible for the police to fingerprint every baggie of pot, every red Solo cup with alcohol in it, every liquor bottle with alcohol in it, every marijuana joint etc. they seized during investigations. I’ve personally seen hundreds of state attorneys and police officers argue this either in front of a jury or from the witness stand. Our Valrico Drug Crimes Attorneys have had great success in challenging and confronting this argument and testimony by questioning these individuals with their own standard operating procedures issued from their own law enforcement officers and their licensing bodies.

Secondly, it is also important to note as we’ve told many individuals coming in our office, that the majority of misdemeanor cases ultimately come into believability contest. As I’ve told many people, for the police officer to say you possessed something and you say you didn’t, will ultimately come down to whether jury believes you or the police officer. As many Assistant State Attorneys will discuss during voir dire, it’s not required for them to prove someone’s guilt by every doubt, they are only required to prove guilt beyond every reasonable doubt. They will explain that arguments like fingerprints, photographs, etc. go beyond reasonable doubt go into every doubt. Our Valrico Drug Crimes Attorneys have had great success in countering these arguments at jury trial, by pointing out how simple, cheap and easy it would be for law enforcement to follow up in their investigations using these simple tests or recording mechanisms.

If you or someone you know has been charge of possession, theft or charge involving fingerprints, contact the Valrico Drug Crimes Attorneys of Hackworth Law for free case consultation. We have great success and contesting these charges when he these cases a trial when necessary. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We appreciate your time.