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Tag Archives: forensics

Tampa Criminal Lawyers: What does “contamination” mean with DNA?

Tampa criminal lawyers are often asked about DNA contamination in cases involving DNA evidence.  Anyone that has watched any criminal drama on television has noticed in the last 15 years, no show is complete without involving DNA evidence in some form or capacity.   It is worth mentioning that DNA collection has evolved beyond simply the […]

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Tampa Drug Attorneys:Attacking the Laboratory Report

Drugs.  DNA.  Gunshot residue.  Our Tampa Drug Attorneys have dealt with cases involving them all.  The government often charges people with crimes because of laboratory reports that associate positive results with a suspect.  And once a suspect is arrested, these lab results will be introduced against that person at trial.  Unfortunately, popular crimes shows like […]

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Valrico Drug Crimes Attorneys:Can they convict without fingerprints?

This a question often posed to a Valrico Drug Crimes Attorneys regarding cases involving theft, drugs or other possession charges, and weapons. Many individuals tend to think that if the police did their job they will have fingerprints connected to the accused. This question raises about two different issues: First, Assistant State Attorneys and law […]

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