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What is the Medical Marijuana Act?

Tampa marijuana attorneys have kept a close eye on this new Medical Marijuana Statute in light of the upcoming referendum on the full legalization of marijuana in the State of Florida, which was on the ballot in November 2014. Many of us have kept a close eye on this act because we have concerns our clients may fail to properly construe and understand the act.  It’s worth noting that this blog article doesn’t attempt to provide legal advice about the specifics of the act, we’re just attempting to provide a brief overview of this new act. If you have specific questions about the new Medical Marijuana Act passed by the Florida legislature, we encourage you to sit with one of our attorneys in a consultation and discuss your issues and questions about the act.

On January 1, 2015, qualified patients, who are Florida residents added to the Compassionate Use Registry by a physician, can receive the administration of “low-THC cannabis.” This “low-THC cannabis” is defined and described specifically by the statute by the amount of THC that can be contained in the marijuana and the strength the same. It’s worth noting that under the definition and requirements of the drug to be administered, it specifically outlaws and bans the use of smoking marijuana, unless through the use of some sort of vaporizer. Again, this appears to be the Florida Legislature’s attempt to give those in need of medical marijuana for true medical purposes, the options to use it, while still trying to keep some limitations on it.

As further proof of the Florida Legislature’s concern, if this Statute is misused, it specifically provides criminal sanctions for doctors who knowingly violate the Statute. Further and somewhat concerning, the Statute provides requirements for doctors to operate within when prescribing these forms of medical marijuana treatments. This is especially concerning because this is the Florida Legislature again, getting between a doctor and their clients. It’s always concerning when the Florida Legislature provides sanctions for folks, when they have no idea about the individual circumstances of that medical condition and/the relationship between the physician and patient.  Our Tampa marijuana attorneys are against any sort of Statute or Regulation that puts bureaucrats between you and your doctor.

If you have questions concerning the legalization of marijuana, a marijuana criminal case and/or other questions relating to the recent passage regarding medical marijuana about the Florida legislature, contact the Tampa marijuana attorneys of Hackworth for a free case consultation. We’ve handled thousands of criminal defense matters throughout the Tampa Bay area. We’ll sit down with you and ensure your rights are protected and any collateral consequences of even a misdemeanor drug offense, including, but not limited to  the suspension of your driver’s license, suspension of your eligibility for student loans, et cetera are considered when determining a overall defense strategy of your case. If you’d like to contact one of our Tampa marijuana attorneys, please use the “Contact Us Now” tab in the upper right hand corner of our website. We appreciate your time in checking out our Tampa marijuana attorney blog and look forward in working with you in the future.