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While on sex offender probation, do I have to take classes?

Tampa sex crimes attorneys are often asked about required treatment following the conviction of someone regarding a sex crime in Florida, when on sex offender probation. Yes, individuals do have to attend certain classes after being released from jail and/or state prison. Specifically, Florida Statute Section 948.30(1)(c) requires, “active participation in and successful completion of a sex offender treatment program with qualified practitioners specifically trained to treat sex offenders, at the probationer’s or community controlee’s own expense. If a qualified practitioner is not available within a 50-mile radius of the probationer’s or community controlee’s residence, the offender shall participate in other appropriate therapy.”  These classes are available throughout the metropolitan areas of Florida.

It’s critical to point out that enrollment in this therapy is required within 30 days of either being sentenced or released from either the Department of Corrections or a  county jail. If this is not completed, one can anticipate a violation of probation to be filed and for them to be immediately arrested and held without bond.

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