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Tag Archives: Drug Rehabilitation

What will happen to my non-drug charges, if I complete Drug Court?

Our Tampa Drug Possession Attorneys provide aggressive representation in getting charges reduced and/or dropped through either the Tampa Bay Area’s various Drug Court Programs or Drug Pretrial Intervention.   Generally, they are dropped, but this is an important part of any negotiations with the State Attorney’s Office, it primarily depends on the severity of the charges.   […]

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Tampa Drug Crimes Attorneys – How often do “these” cases “get thrown out”?

Tampa Drug Crimes Attorneys are often asked about cases simply getting thrown out. Frankly, this is an urban myth which has done a significant disservice to those charged with crimes and Tampa criminal defense attorneys. The simple fact is that if an arrest is made the overwhelming majority of these cases are prosecuted through completion […]

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Valrico Drug Lawyer: They just need help…

This is one of the most common statements and explanations from parents, friends and relatives of someone convicted with a drug offense to their Valrico Drug Lawyer.  Generally, they repeatedly express their concerns that a long jail or prison sentence will not cure them of their addiction or give them the coping mechanisms to avoid […]

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Does drug court take a lot of time and effort?

Anyone charge the first-time drug offense in the greater Tampa Bay area has undoubtedly heard of drug court as a potential option to resolve their matter. If they have not heard about from their public defender representing them, they’ve undoubtedly either read about it on the Internet or heard it from someone who has been […]

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