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Tag Archives: Early Termination of Probation

Brandon Probation Attorneys: How can I buy out my community service?

Our Brandon Probation Attorneys are often asked by folks about trying to buy out their community service hours.  I have advised countless folks that if you make more than $10.00 an hour and the Court will permit it, it certainly makes better sense.  The Court will generally permit an individual to buy out those hours […]

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Tampa Probation Attorneys: Will my probation officer come to my house?

Many questions about probation focus on specifically what probation officers do.  Tampa probation attorneys are often asked about the specifics of what one can anticipate while on probation and their relationship with their probation officer.  To answer the above posed question, yes, your probation officer is likely to visit your residence, especially in the first […]

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Can I apply for early termination of probation?

Yes, many probationers ask their Tampa criminal defense attorneys about trying to early terminate their probation. Obviously, they are in hurry to attempt to get off probation for a variety of reason, including being done with supervision, supervision interfering with their job, tired of being fearful of violating probation, etc. Yes, a probationer can apply […]

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