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Ruskin Divorce Attorneys: Is common law marriage legal in Florida?

Ruskin Divorce Attorneys are often asked about common law marriage because so many other states recognize common law marriage, yet folks read about Florida’s abolishment of this legal theory. In short, common law marriages occur when couples reside together for a certain, delineated time period and present themselves to the outside world as married couples. The easiest examples of presenting themselves as a married couple to the outside world are buying property together, undertaking debt together, calling themselves husband and wife, having children together. Basically undertaking and acting as if they’re married to the outside world.

In 1968, the state of Florida outlawed common law marriage from being recognized for Floridians. This is an important distinction because in the majority of situations, Florida will recognize common law marriages that occurred prior to 1968 for Floridians and common law marriages from individuals from outside states. This raises the issue of how does Florida ultimately determine whether a couple is actually married under common law. This is a fact specific determination that the court will have to make.

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