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Tag Archives: Permanent Alimony

Did Florida eliminate permanent alimony?

Few bills in Tallahassee get Tampa Divorce Attorneys’ attention like bills regulating alimony and more recently, bills purporting to eliminate it being permanent in some unique situations.   As we have discussed elsewhere on our Tampa alimony attorney blog, there are many forms of alimony available in Florida.   Arguably, the most controversial is durational alimony, where […]

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Who gets the retirement accounts and pensions during a divorce?

Aside from homes, the largest assets many folks have are their retirement accounts or pensions.  Obviously, retirement accounts vary from business to business including accounts that are similar to annuities, accounts based on a portion of salary paid to an employee, etc.   While pensions are also varied from State Funded Pensions for local government workers, […]

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Brandon Alimony Attorney: What are the factors that the court will look at when determining whether to award alimony during my Tampa divorce?

Brandon Alimony Attorneys are nearly always asked about alimony and other financial issues during the pendency of the divorce case. In Florida, the court will evaluate Florida Statute Section 61.08, titled “Alimony” to determine whether to award alimony. Before analyzing the specific factors though, the court must first make a determination whether there’s been an […]

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Florida Alimony: What are the types of alimony in Florida?

Our Florida Alimony Attorneys are often asked about the specific types of Florida alimony that are available for parties to seek during their divorce. Further, question concerning alimony have only risen after the Florida legislature attempted to eliminate permanent alimony last year. Anyone that was following news of the bill noticed that Governor Rick Scott […]

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