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Divorce Mediation Can Save You Money and Stress

Divorce is not an easy process – especially if there are children involved. During this emotionally charged time, it can be easy to allow animosity towards your soon-to-be-ex spouse to derail discussions about splitting up assets, child custody, and finances. Investing in divorce mediation can help your divorce proceedings run more smoothly, keep things amicable […]

Can my friends and family attend mediation with me?

No, they cannot.  As we discuss elsewhere on our Tampa Family Law Attorney blog, mediation is required in all Tampa Family Law matters regardless of whether it is a divorce matter, post judgment issue or paternity case.   There are two types of mediation – public, through a mediator at the courthouse, and private, through a […]

Wesley Chapel Divorce Attorney: Who pays for mediation in my Tampa family law case?

Who pays for mediation is generally one of the last issues to arise prior to the completion of mediation.  Wesley Chapel Divorce Attorneys are often asked about the cost of mediation in their family law case.  As we’ve discussed elsewhere on our family law blog, mediation is required in the overwhelming majority of family law cases […]

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney: What happens during mediation?

Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys are constantly asked about what their clients can expect during mediation.  Regardless of the case, whether it is a car accident, slip and fall or family law case, the overwhelming majority of Tampa Bay Area judges will require mediation before the matter can go to trial.  There are three major points […]

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Tips for Divorcing After Age 50

While the divorce rate throughout the United States is on the decline, there has been a rise in divorces between people over the age of 50. These separations are known as “gray divorces,” and they have a distinct set of challenges. A family attorney in Tampa, FL, can help people through the process. However, it […]

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Time-Sharing Tips for Divorced Parents

Once you receive the final judgment in your divorce case, it is time to start observing the guidelines you and your ex-spouse agreed to in your parenting plan. Whether you and your ex-spouse mutually agreed to those terms or you arrived at them through mediation with a family attorney in Tampa, FL, the actual practice […]

graphic of a divorcing couple pulling a house apart with red strings

Navigating a Contested Divorce in Tampa

Divorce is never easy, but it’s even more complicated when there is a broad area of disagreement between the spouses. When the husband and wife differ on even one issue, they’re involved in what is called a contested divorce in Tampa. As you can guess, when there are areas of dispute, the divorce is more […]

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

Tampa Divorce Attorneys are routinely asked by their Clients about the meaning of the term “Marital Settlement Agreement” during the course of litigation.  Many folks have frankly heard the term either through the litigation in their own case or through their own research on the internet on websites, like our site. A Marital Settlement Agreement […]

Did Florida eliminate permanent alimony?

Few bills in Tallahassee get Tampa Divorce Attorneys’ attention like bills regulating alimony and more recently, bills purporting to eliminate it being permanent in some unique situations.   As we have discussed elsewhere on our Tampa alimony attorney blog, there are many forms of alimony available in Florida.   Arguably, the most controversial is durational alimony, where […]