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Tag Archives: Car Wreck

Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys: What does negligence mean?

Tampa personal injury attorneys are often asked about what specifically negligence means.  Negligence is one of those phrases thrown around the media and television, but is rarely actually defined.  As anyone that has any experience with personal injury cases knows, these cases begin with an act that is deemed negligent. In short, negligence is someone […]

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Car Accident Attorney Tampa: does the gap in my treatment affect my case?

Many Car Accident Attorneys Tampa are asked about this question, when their clients fail to properly rehabilitate or treat with their physicians and miss appointments. This occurs in one or two ways–a client may fail to follow through with the treatment recommendations of their physicians, such as, failing to seek an MRI/EKG/EEG, or a client […]

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Tampa Car Wreck Attorney: Why did the insurance company make a quick offer on my case?

Any Tampa Car Wreck Attorney attorney will tell you that insurance companies will do anything possible to pay as little as possible in car accident cases. Frankly, insurance companies make quick settlement offers, like they probably did in your case, to avoid the injured from getting an attorney and getting the money you deserve and […]

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